9 Lives of a Curator – How To Be(come) More Relevant

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Instructor: A⋅Z HACK Nikola Krstović

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9 Lives of a Curator – How To Be(come) More Relevant represents the second in a series of interactive lectures in the form of motivational experiments and exercises with the aim to empower young curators and all those who want to start their professional lives in the field of culture, arts, heritage or museums. Inspired by the motto Everyone Can Curate, the Curator Creates, the course offers nine on-line lectures, two interactive workshops and numerous activities in form of assignments, forums and debates in order to exchange experience, knowledge and inspiration.


9 Lives of a Curator – How to Be(come) More Relevant is an online course dedicated to the improvement of curatorial skills in the fields of cultural heritage and museums – it is about provoking thoughts, developing ideas and inspiring actions!

A platform for interaction shaped through 12 weeks of combined lectures and workshops, all of which will be held in virtual space, 9 Lives of a Curator – How to (Be)come More Relevant will explore the role of the curator based on the idea: Everybody curates, the curator creates! It is about inspiring critical thinking about the curating process and developing skills and knowledge about creating diverse content.  It is shaped as a co-creative process where lecturer(s) and participants create the final content of project.

Who Should Take This Course?

The course is dedicated primarily to aspiring professionals in institutions of complex character, and to local and regional museums as well.  Also, it is dedicated to collectors, organizations and individuals from the civil sector dealing with heritage and culture, interested amateurs from the arts and culture milieu and diverse members of communities interested in the fields of heritage.


  • Further improve skills and knowledge regarding culture and heritage and its manifestations
  • Develop skills for successfull curating and the creation of cultural content
  • Improve communication skills of professionals in the fields of heritage and culture
  • Raise the general level of awareness about cultural heritage and culture in general and its importance in benefitting the quality of lig=fe of all concerned.

Program Outline

Weeks 1-5, 7-10

  • Lesson (online lecture)
  • Required Reading
  • Required Reading presentation
  • Written assignments
  • Discussion forum participation

Weeks 6 and 11

  • eWorkshops, interactive work

Week 12

  • Final assignment / project development

Schedule & Dates

Future Dates To Be Announced 

Mondays thru Fridays 12:01 AM – 11:59 PM

  • Monday: Lecture
  • Tuesday: Required Reading
  • Wednesday: Required Reading presentation
  • Thursday: Written assignments
  • Friday: Discussion forum participation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Course Offered Completely Online?

  • Yes

Do I Need A Particular Level of Degree From A University To Participate?

  • No. This is a professional development program and a university degree is not required. Yet some knowledge of the humanities is welcome due to the intensity and demands of the course

Do I Need To Be Able To Read and Write in English?

  • Yes.  Museums internationally communicate in English and it is a required skill for this program

How Long Is The Program?

  • The program is 12 weeks

What Kinds Of Weekly Assignments Are There?

  • Discussions – you will be asked to respond to one or more discussion questions weekly.  The questions will require you to apply what you have learned
  • Weekly assignments – there will be assignments each week.  These may include hands-on tasks, essays, participation in online discussions, and/or visits to a museum or other institution.
  • Reading – most weeks will include a reading assignment

How Will I Be Graded?

  • There is no grade for the course. However, Fionn Zarubica Learn reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw if that student is not able to keep up with the course and/or the course expectations

Do I Need To Purchase Any Textbooks?

  • No, but there will be some reading provided online and recommended reading lists made available

Will I Have An Instructor?

  • Yes

Will I Be Able To Work At My Own Pace?

  • To a certain degree. Topics will be released one at a time at the beginning of each week. Therefore, you may not work ahead in the module. In addition, you will be expected to complete tasks by a certain day each week.
  • You will be able to work at your own pace in that you can choose when during the day or week it is most convenient for you to work on the module

Will I Be The Only Student Working With The Instructor?

  • No. There will be other students in the course, dependent upon enrollment. You will be expected to interact with your classmates and the instructor each week.

How Much Time Can I Expect To Spend On My Module Each Week?

  • Plan on spending approximately 5-10 hours per week for reading (online and off-line), engaging in assigned tasks and/or writing, and participating in class discussion
  • Actual time will vary from person to person due to each person’s English language facility, amount of previous background experience in a topic and reading and writing speed

How Often Will I Be Expected To Log In And Participate?

  • The instructor will provide information on how often you will need to log in each week.
  • The online week has five days
    • Day 1 Monday
    • Day 2 Tuesday
    • Day 3 Wednesday
    • Day 4 Thursday
    • Day 5 Friday

What Constitutes Participation?

  • Attendence, including
    • Punctuality
    • Completion of assignments
    • Contribution to the discussions
  • Being actively involved in discussions, which are posted on the discussion board by the instructor, and contributing in meaningful ways, such as
    • Contributing new and relevant information to the discussions from personal experience
    • Building on the remarks of your fellow students
    • Posing questions for your fellow students
    • Sharing articles, news items, web sites, and other supplementary information

What Are The Technical Requirements?

  • Participants will need
    • Reliable internet access and a computer with the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser, or a Macintosh computer with the latest version of Safari or Internet Explorer to access the class
    • The latest Flash Player to access the animations and some graphics. Both of these items are available as free downloads from the Microsoft, Mozilla, and Adobe web sites
    • PDF conversion tools