Collections Management Training Program Onsite

A Great Experience

Applying for this program was an excellent idea for sure. In the past weeks it slowly changed my life. It helped me to grow professionally and personally. I have learned new skills and I got a lot of information about managing collections. This program changed my expectations from the museums. On the other hand it helped me to understand better myself so I can understand my environment. It gave me the strength to fight for the right things. It helped me to love and appreciate myself more. I learned how to organize better my activities. I made lifelong friendship with so many people for such a short period of time. I learned to create and nurture interpersonal relationships. I learned how important I am as individual and also as a part of a group. Fionn is a great teacher; she puts her heart in the things she teaches. I am deeply touched by her approach. Fionn helped us to create safe and reliable environment around us. And of course it was great and fun all the time!

Amra Husika
Kakanj/Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program – BiH, run by Fionn Zarubica, offered a systematized and detailed program for different kinds of museum professionals. It was run by a person who has practical as well as educational knowledge and skills. I think that this course made a small but significant step in improving museum standards in this region. If it will be re-organized again I will strongly recommend to all colleagues.

Ivana Udovičić
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program is a very useful program and I learned so much.  The professor has great access to her students and she is very professional.  She created the atmosphere in the classroom in which we felt very good and it was a pleasure to learn in such conditions.  She makes sure that every person understands the material and also allows that every person express his or her opinion about the matter.  It was an honor to attend this program and I recommend to all who wish for a quality education to apply to this program.  Thank you Fionn, you made a difference!!!

Martina Mijić
Sarajevo, BIH

Short confession

As it is in this case, it was in my case also. But when the gift comes from the heart, then the process of receiving is more swift.  This is not an ordinary course; this is definitely more than that. This is not the opportunity only to see a new perspective; this is an opportunity for deep introspection.  If we want the wheel to begin turn, we need to remove all obstacles. And it is an approach that definitely has won me.  Other participants, now my colleagues are also no less or no more than a treasure that I comprehend.  I do not doubt that my dear Fionn has a space in my heart, as all those who taught me and enlightened me, and she will be engraved in my heart, I think forever. 

I once read somewhere: "Do not write your name on the sand, waves will wash it a way, do not write your name in the sky, wind may blow it a way.  Write your name in hearts of people you come in touch with. That is where it will stay."

Merima Ivković

Much more than my expectations

Much more than my expectations. Except learning a lot about the collections, we got one great mentor who has given us a lot of motivation to change so many things in our country and in our institutions. Also, she is a good friend. The team in the program is great and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Dijana Krešić
Mostar/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Collections Management Training Program

The Collections Management Training Program was a great experience for me. I have learned many important, meaningful and interesting facts about the museums, the art, the job of the Collections Manager and other important jobs at the museum. I have also learned that, if you have the same vision but a different opinion, with respect for your colleagues, you can make a better job for the museum rather than, your colleagues and you have always the same opinion. This Program is made from different point of view and in a different way than as we learned in college, so it brings a new dimension in thinking, working and making museums as good as they can be for the public, the objects and the employees. I have also made wonderful friendships and met some wonderful people. I am so grateful and delighted for this experience and I would recommend this Program for all museum lovers, whether they work in a museum or just love it.

Thank you Fionn, for sharing with us your knowledge, experience, and joy and for your motivation and help, you provide for us during this training.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is hard to put

It is hard to put in few words all aspects of this experience. For six weeks of lessons in the museum I felt like I am not on this planet anymore. We were all in the class together, present, connected…learning, discussing, working, laughing!  It was not learning by university standards. It was more, learning through real life experience, learning through fun. And I will never forget the things I learned this way.  And most importantly, I made friends and met colleagues from different parts of the country, with different occupations and backgrounds. And we will, for sure, stay connected, on both, private and professional, levels.

Fionn was not only our teacher; she was and will stay our friend!

Tatjana Nikolić
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Intensive but enjoyable training

The Collections Management Training Program is a quality program for museum professionals and for all those who are interested in pursuing a career in museums. Fionn Zarubica, as a teacher and as a person, offers a great, detail oriented knowledge of the subject and a unique perspective on the matter.  She inspires critical thinking and creativity and raises motivation for the professional and personal success of her students.  Fionn is devoted to the transfer of knowledge and prepared to dedicate time to each student who needs her help.  Although she is always highly professional, her sense of humor lightens up every lecture.

Ana Đikoli
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Well-structured Training Program

Well-structured training program with an unusual teaching methodology. Useful experiences, examples of museum practice and events.

Lejla Agić
Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Daring to introduce the change

The Collections Management Training Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was held from November 2016 until January 2017, was truly a unique experience in my life. Not only did it affect me, on a professional and personal level, but it also gave me the chance to witness the growth of other participants. Fionn succeeded in helping us advance not only as museum professionals but also provided us with a variety of skills and techniques to cope with everyday life. Despite our strong resistance towards her strict and professional approach, she did not back down and by doing so eventually showed us that we can be what we aspire to be even though we live in the Balkans. Every lesson we had was eye-opening. I feel like I have learned more from her during this short time spent together about the museum world, than I learned in five years of formal education. The assignments were not a delight, they took so much of my time and yet I feel weird about not doing a terminology definition next Monday. The class that ended up being all female was this astonishing mixture of individuals with views and opinions that were completely different and somehow she managed to please us all. Witnessing the progress other ladies made before my eyes made me hope that I had progress at least partially as much as they did. I strongly believe in these amazing ladies and I look forward to seeing their future individual successes. Through this program I have learned much, I saw that I need to learn a lot more but it also made me want to achieve more, made me believe in myself and basically made me fearless. For that I will always be grateful to Fionn and I can only hope that more people from Bosnia and Herzegovina will have the chance to meet her and learn from her.

Lejla Bečar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

An Approaching “Sphere” of Collections Management

Before I heard your lectures concerning the "Collections Management Training Program" I have had experience with museums as an architect, which is my profession, and as a visitor. The "Collections Management Training Program" and your presented experience have illuminated for me the complexity and liability of museum workers' activities within their institutions; but behind the walls of exhibition spaces and galleries. What visitors do not see is the bulky invisible professional work and effort on handling objects and preparing them for exhibitions.  On the other hand, your lectures have a ready insight into and understanding of Collections Management and transferred me into another reality completely different from my every day professional reality.  I want to thank you also for the enormous amount of inspirational stories that I have heard on your life experience in philosophy, world religions and music. Thank you for a phenomenal six weeks of gatherings and inspiration.  In addition, I frankly believe that management of museums in the region as well as management of other commercial enterprises will be, and the doctrine of project management will be applied in the preparation of exhibitions within museums.

Samira Talić
Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thank you Fionn

As someone who has studied history but not the subject of museology, through this program, I have filled this gap in my education. It opened me to another side, opened new doors and provided me with the knowledge I was looking for. I am so glad I enrolled in this program; it inspired me in many ways. The Collections Management Training Program not only gave me the knowledge, but also so much positive energy and love – just what I needed.

Nevena Grabovac
Sarajevo / BiH

Collections Management Training Program Bosnia & Herzegovina

As I expected, during this program I expanded my knowledge on Collections Management concepts, I learned lots of new methods and techniques in object preserving and handling and a more efficient way of preparing exhibitions. I also met a group of people who enriched my life.  But, I did not expected that this would be an experience that was going to change not only my way of thinking about the role of museum and the role of me as an museum professional, but an experience that would change my view on life.   Thanks to this Program I have started thinking about what is wrong with our institutions that makes their work invisible for society.  Do we take the lack of government funding only as an excuse for our own inactivity and ignorance?  Are we even trying to come up with some sustainable model?  I have learned that nothing will ever change if we do not change our approach to the museum. We must make the museum a part of every community member’s life, from the children to the elderly, from the educated to the less educated, from the rich to the poor. That is our responsibility as museum professionals. We must be those who will, by changing ourselves, change the conscience and the values that our society is promoting. By developing ourselves we will develop our society.  I have adopted all these lessons thanks to Fionn. She has shown that she is a great teacher because, above all, she inspired me and motivated me.  They say that you can forget some lessons the teacher has taught you, but you cannot forget how he or she made you feel.


Azra Maslo
Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

You find what you need in places where you do not look for it…and it comes as a surprise

Changes can turn away a lot of people, but having trust in others may bring about unexpected results.  I strongly believe that no one who attended the program will forget this experience.  It was intensive and time will be needed to process everything.  It seems that after the end of the program only a more intense period is waiting.  Everything learned will have to be passed on to other colleagues and put into practice in museum work.  However, much more time will be needed to think about our lives, feelings, the ways in which we function as human beings, and about how to achieve happiness and acceptance of ourselves. Fionn provided us with a good basis for this inner questioning and reflecting.  Those who stay until the end will realize at some point that this is just where they were supposed to be, and that they received just what they needed without even maybe looking for it.  We as well learned from each other. The group of classmates from the very beginning taught me something really valuable.  Everyone can contribute in some way.  It is so obvious from the outside, but sometimes it is hard to acknowledge it in one’s self.

Participant, 2017
Sarajevo, BiH

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