Collections Management Training Program Online

A Great Opportunity

The Collections Management Training Program was really useful and interesting for me! It happened by chance that I could attend this course, as I was in the right place at the right time. For my future career it was a great opportunity. The course is useful to becoming a professional in every kind of job, to be more organized, to have a plan in advance for every situation, to be a player in a team and to collaborate with colleagues; for people who are specifically working in museums, institutions and culture it’s perfect! I really learnt a lot from the course and I’m sure that it will help me in the future.

Valeria Caldara
Bari, Italy

A True Teacher, Mentor and Colleague

Fionn Zarubica is a true teacher, mentor and colleague that made this program important professionally, as well as personally.  

I truly recommend this professional training course. You will gain knowledge not only in Collections Management, but will also be trained to be focused, observant, collaborative and overall, a high level professional in this field. We learned about many different aspects of working in the museum that I would never expect I will be introduced to, and that I thought it could be learned only by working in the museum environment. Fionn Zarubica is selfless in sharing her rich, impressive knowledge, she is an inspiring and gifted mentor, warm and protective, but really objective and insightful when it comes to dealing with her students. I think I will never forget Fionn Zarubica and this training course, as well as I will never forget my colleagues that I have met on this course. She unified us but at the same time, respected us for our uniqueness. By pushing our comfort zones of thinking and perceiving we first made changes in ourselves, in order to be able to make them in our community. Culture is about respect, community and sharing. It is about presenting beauty, knowledge and heritage that we had the luck to inherit from our ancestors. Fionn Zarubica taught us to understand the value of this inherited gems, the value of presenting them as they deserve to be presented and treated, as well as to value each spectator that is going to be affected and inspired by them. She taught us “Museum Magic” and we have learned many practical and methodological approaches in this training program. I now definitely feel more confident in pursuing a Museum career and strongly feel this vocation on a more humanitarian level.

Maja Radešić
Pula, Croatia

Lifetime Journey

The Collections Management Training Program is a gift, both professionally and personally. A wonderful way to start anew!


Great Experience

My experience with the program was great. I had an opportunity to find out different perspectives – how it is done in the European and US museums. These examples are good sources of information and very usable. Also we had an opportunity to get additional reading and literature that is informative and helpful. The lectures were easy to follow and informative. I especially liked online course because it is for the first time that I was faced with that kind of learning. It was easy to follow and the best thing was that you have your on pace and time when you decided to work out the assignments. The colleagues enrolled in class were very interesting and we hope that will do some projects in the future together. Fionn Zarubica, our teacher, was strict but fair. That pushed us to be better students, to do our assignments and to have fun with it also.

Pula, Croatia

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