The Story Is Not The Destination…It Is Only The Way

by Fionn Zarubica How do we define ourselves culturally? Do we see ourselves as woven of one continuous thread or many diverse threads?  Do we connect to one another through a single culture and history or as a composite of many cultures and histories? For professionals who act as caretakers and […]

The Textiles of the Christian Orthodox Church

A Brief History For Young Readers by Fionn Zarubica The clothes we wear today are very different from the clothes we wore 2000 years ago; but, in the Christian Orthodox church, the clothes the priests wear are almost exactly the same.  These clothes are called vestments.  The word vestment comes from […]

The Curator Creates

by Nikola Krstović, Ph.D.“We urgently need to create lots of opportunities for people from different walks of life to talk about the big stuff: Human endeavour, discovery, nature, history and the future“, said Rosie Stanbury, the head of live programs of Welcome Collection from London, speaking about museums of the […]

An Holistic Approach To Museum Practices: Putting the Basics First

ICOM – International Council of Museums COMCOL – International Committee for Collecting Newsletter No. 21, April 2013 by Fionn Zarubica Gunj of Mihailo Obrenović Serbia 2013.  Today, heritage protection in Serbia is at a serious turning point.  Ongoing turbulence in the region, has led to a circumstance wherein heritage is neither […]